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    The Most Popular Myths About Private Aviation

    Many people believe that private business jets are available for rich people only. However, COVID-19 helped to show that private planes are really necessary and they can be used in different spheres. We are going to dispel myths about business jets that can be rented for any purpose.

    Myth 1: Private Plane Is For Rich People Only

    It is believed that you have to spend a lot of money to use the private business jet. According to the data, the myth is not actual. There are different rates and the cost of flight depends on many factors. In any case, private flights are becoming more and more affordable. 

    Myth 2: Private Jets Are an Exclusive Service Limited to the Elite

    It is believed that the elite can use business jets only. According to the practice, there are many customers:

    In this case, business jets are becoming more and more popular.

    Myth 3: Booking Private Aircraft Is Difficult

    It is believed that the process of booking a private jet is difficult. In reality, you choose the company, contact the manager, and discuss the details of the flight. You will get the cost of the service in compliance with your demands and the route.

    Myth 4: Just Experts Can Choose The Plane Correctly

    It’s a myth too! You can choose any plane that is suitable for you. Specialists are ready to give you the list of aircraft that are available for the current flight. So, you will choose the model by yourself.

    Myth 5: Private Flights Are More Dangerous

    We don’t know why people believe in it. Demands for flight security are the same for big and small companies. It is necessary to get a license to offer private flights. Moreover, just experienced pilots can be aircraft commanders. The aircraft are subject to regular maintenance checks. So, there is no reason to believe that the private flight is more dangerous.

    Myth 6: Private Flights Are Cancelled Due to Weather Conditions

    In fact, any flights are canceled due to weather conditions. The advantage of private flights is the ability to change direction in order to reach the destination airport with a short delay if difficult weather conditions are on the way. Regular flights don’t offer the feature and passengers should wait for the weather change.

    Myth 7: Cost of Acquiring a Private Jet

    Some people believe that it is cheaper to have own aircraft than to rent it. According to the practice, it is better to rent the plane because you won’t need to spend money on its maintenance.

    Myth 8: Less Stringent Aircraft Inspection

    That is absolutely wrong. Private business jets have the same security checks as big Boeings and Airbuses. In this case, you shouldn’t be afraid of flying on private aircraft.

    Myth 9: Commercial Flights Are Faster

    According to the data, the average plane speed during the flight is almost the same. Small planes can use small airports that are nearer to your final point. So, you can reduce transfer time.

    Myth 10: Business Jets Are Worse For The Planet

    Some people believe in it but that is wrong. According to official reports, business jets pollute the atmosphere less than commercial planes. It means that private planes are better to use to save our planet.

    We hope that the myths will correct your mind and will be able to use business jets more often to get maximum comfort during the flight.


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